Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Road to Dayton

Had a great turn-out for our Dessert Auction/Send-Off Show last night. The kids played well, and I think the local crowd was happy to be part of the festivities. 
Now I find myself in the middle of an 18hr bus ride to Dayton for the Nationals. It has become apparent to me that a long bus trip means something entirely different to a teenager than it does to me at 50!  The perspective of the two ten-year-olds behind me makes me feel both energized and old at the same time. “When are we gonna get there?!” seems to be their most pressing concern - I’m just glad to have the opportunity to do nothing. But being around youth keeps me young - Thank God. We should pull in around midnight and start in to all the rehearsing, prepping, and tweaking on Monday. In the meantime I have 7 more hours of “nothing” to look forward to before the games begin.

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