Monday, October 13, 2014

Spirit's Ready to Tango

With the roster almost set, Spirit Indoor is back and fired up about the 2015 season! After placing 5th our first year of Independent Open, we can't wait to get back at it, work hard, have fun, and play sick music!
This past weekend at camp we worked on technique, basics, and dove into the music for Book 1- HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!
Our show theme this year is Tango! The program explores passion- love and hate, with their opposite- indifference! We do this through the art style of the tango, a very sometimes "bi polar" style of music, to show that actually love and hate aren't opposites- they're similar because they're both passionate emotions. Book 1- the Love book- is an arrangement of The Lieber Tango. Get ready for some sick licks and tricks!!!
All for now- stay tuned for the next update on Book 2!