Friday, December 16, 2011

Last day at Mid West

Anyone who has ever been to a conference will tell you they are exhausted by the end of the day.  Musicians and those involved in the music industry whether it be as a teacher or provider of other services, are no different.  What is different is the concerts that are put on by various groups through out the day and into the evening.  You have to to qualifiy to do that here.  You can't just show up with your horn and sit down and toot away!

Of course for musicians a concert by a trained group is an inspiration to fellow musicians.  It gives them hope and joy that someone has achieved what they set out to do (as well as the joy of exploring different perspectives or ways of interpretation of a familiar piece of music).
This is the joy that Spirit of America wants to foster in others. Its our common goal as musicians. That is what motivates us as a group.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mid-west musings

Here I am on my second day at the Mid west Band conference. I've managed to find a table and chair to write from today! It's quite noisy here with everyone trying to play the highest note or bang drums loudest!

The networking that goes on during this conference is amazing. Ive been to dental conferences and compared to dentists, musicians seriously like to talk to each other. I wonder if some of this is because so many people have been committed to making their music programs work even when their budgets are being cut and programs being left to die. Most musicians are staying and trying to fight their way through. I can imagine that they like the kinship. I've heard so many stories while I have been here. It seems to make Spirit of America's commitment to helping others that much more important. Altough we are a bit of an odd concept compared to the other groups exibiting here, we do all share the love of music.

Chicago Midwest Clinic SOA Booth

Come by with your email address to the booth for a free t-shirt!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midwest in foggy Chicago

I'm writing you from the floor of the Midwest Band Conference...seriously I'm sitting on the floor (behind the table) at our amazing Spirit of America booth. We have multiple videos going on flat screen monitors as well as three ipads to use if anyone wants to see pictures from our archives.
It's day one for the conference and we've had people stop by who saw our flashmob! I can't wait to see who we meet tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spirit of America at the Chicago Midwest Clinic

Visit booth 1141
December 14 – 16
Hear firsthand about the 2011 tour of South Africa, and exciting upcoming opportunities and events!