Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Forming of a Cadet

The Cadets are on the move toward Bristol, RI to perform tomorrow evening, and then to march in the oldest Independence Day Parade in the country. I can still vividly remember 12 years ago, when I picked up my first marching horn as a new member of Spirit of America Band and attempted to march the 5-6 mile parade in a navy blue wool uniform in the 90°F heat of July. I didn't make it, I fell out in the third mile. In 2004, I approached my second attempt with some lingering fear, lucky for me it poured rain, and I quite enjoyed the cool wet experience  At this annual event, it is amazing to remember over a decade of band...and now drum corps at the highest level. Each year I have been stretched as a person, outside of what was safe and comfortable, and I am very grateful for all of the great instructors and mentors that have helped me grow this far.