Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dartmouth Finals

Wow what a weekend! We are in the chute for Dayton and competition is fierce. Last
night was NESBA finales and we had a great show, definitely our best yet! The energy
felt awesome and a lot of the work we had done over the weekend displayed itself. We
won with a score of 91.8! Is the work over? Are we done? NO way. We won’t sniff
complacency, and we are going to push it out until the end. Some of the rehearsals this
year have been tough, but many people have said to us, “the hard days are the days
you’ll remember, and they make the good moments really great.” Last night was a great
moment, and as we cherish these last days and shows together, we’re going to knock em
dead. Dayton, look out!!!

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