Monday, April 22, 2013

A Great Season Comes to a Bronze End

A great season ends for SOA WP.
“Great seasons are all about the journey and not the destination.” As our unit director Ian Hale addressed us after finals on Friday night in Dayton, Ohio, this truth came as a great piece of perspective. This season has been great because of the hard work and the fun times we have shared as a team that have bound us tightly together. And our destination wasn’t too shabby! We won Bronze with a 92.8!
Yesterday evening, we were privileged to attend Percussion World Class Finals, and it was an exhilarating celebration of the sport we know and love. Father Ryan’s snare line was strapped onto wheels and spun upside down as they drummed to a standing ovation and a group from Japan called Aimachi incorporated complex and amazing guard work with drumming that looked more almost more like Cirque de Soleil than indoor drumline. If you have never seen a top Percussion Independent World Class performance it is worth the 8 minutes on YouTube to find out just how much can be achieved in this activity. We are excited and inspired to start again next season!

Here are a couple of youtube links. (Not HD show quality due to WGI copyright, but gives you a good feel) :
RCC Percussion:


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