Monday, September 10, 2012

Time in the Sun

The group of people going to South Africa on Saturday are starting to prepare: finishing up a recording, or working out childcare schedules, from covering jobs or doing the job on the road, and packing.

This is a joyous and exciting trip.  It is a second step to our commitment to come along side our friends and see things through.  For the last year there has been weekly skyping lessons. That is a long distance lesson !   And whether there are many or just a few students the lessons have continued every Wednesday.

One of the cruelest things to do is to give someone without hope a future with no tools to succeed. We have not just dropped a promised dream in their world to turn and desert them.  We are stepping in, fulfilling our promise, and becoming more.

 For SOA we are going to see dear friends that we haven't seen for a year.  We learned many things from our time with them.  They have a quality in their relationships with each other that we admired.  Even the areas that had little in the way of possessions had richness in their lives that we were drawn to.

Almost always when we cross out of the United States and into another country we find new "old" friends.  How sweet to be able to keep them.

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