Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello from the Drummers in South Africa!

It’s only Day two, and it’s already been an incredible journey with the drummers at the Enkaya Arts Center in Durban. This morning we had the same percussion group we’ve had every morning. It’s a really small group or four or five, and they’re older and really catch on to all the concepts we’ve been throwing at them. Two of them are already moving around the different drums on the tenors quite confidently. They’re quality of sound and rebound is pretty impressive! We got to show them our WP Final performance this morning which they really loved also. We hope to show it to the rest of the kids tomorrow.
They all have a really strong interest in learning to read and write music- a big step from learning about how to play music last year. We’ve been able to take them and work with them in small groups, or even individually to understand how music works and how to read it. A lot of their music training has been based on solfege, so traditional written music is a whole new concept for them. Plus we've had to brush up on our English theory to make sure they understand us- everything is quavers and crotchets, semi-quavers, and so on!

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  1. I love love love this ! Here is what we were wanting to share....the curiosity and creativity that are starting to show up .....and the solfege practice we can always use (lol) !