Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cadets - Down to the Wire

Wow- the season's gone by so fast, yet each day has felt like an eternity! 
Now, 7 days away from finals, the competition is unbelievably tight! The top three corps have been clashing heads and it's anyone's guess who will actually end up on top.
This year's show is an extremely difficult show to pull off- especially in the major leagues of drum corps. We've been told many times that there is something unique about this group of 2013 Cadets. No one can pinpoint what, exactly - but it's there. Hop also tells us:
this show will take every ounce of each of us individually...,
absolutely no room for error..., 
only a perfect show and complete mental focus for 13 minutes! 

The show won't do it for us, it's all about the achievement of the performers.
Now is when the rubber hits the road. We're down to the wire. Can we ignore the doubts in our heads, or fear of failure? Can we be okay doing our absolute best, knowing it might not be good enough? I think we can, and I think we will do better than we ever imagined we could. The only thing holding us back is - us!
What an amazing experience! It's so exciting to have such a phenomenal opportunity and I can't wait to see what this corps will do. 
Go Cadets!!!

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