Thursday, July 11, 2013

From the Road - Halfway

Narrowing in on the last month of tour! 
They say that the last 15 percent of any goal is the hardest to accomplish.  It's true!!!!
We just learned a major change to the middle movement of the show, scherzo. Its going to work really well in the context of the show. I'm learning how to quickly implement and perform changes, which will be so helpful for this upcoming indoor season! We get so many changes, and learning to implement and perform them on the fly is definitely a good skill to have!
On anther note, There's something really special about the bond that forms when you live, eat, breathe, and rehearse endless hours with 150 people for 3 months! There are definitely times we've had our disagreements, or felt we couldn't tolerate each other another minute. But more often then not we're supporting each other, working hard, laughing lots, and encouraging each other when it gets tough!
The closer we get to finals, the more I think about how much I should cherish each of the friends I've made and each of the members that makes up the Cadets. You always hear people say, "enjoy this season because there will never be another one like it". But this summer it has a very tangible meaning; there are people from everywhere- Japan, England, Ireland, and all over the US- who I may (literally) never see again. So my goal is to enjoy every moment that I have being with such a great group of individuals. A group that will make the best Cadets in history!
Tonight is our first time facing our toughest competition- Carolina Crown and the Blue Devils. Hop tells us the confidence that this years corps exudes is astounding. Our Barber show - "Side by Side" - has incredible potential, but it still will take every ounce from each of us to pull this off. 
If anyone can do it, this corps can. 
It's going to be amazing!

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