Thursday, June 6, 2013

To Durban With Love

Today Spirit of America trumpet and trombone instruction resumed with our good friends in South Africa.  It is amazing how modern technology and a kindred love of music can keep this connection going.  As usual the first 10 minutes of the trumpet lesson involved multiple instant messages back and forth in order to connect the two computers, but once that was done we resumed with 4 trumpet players and 4 trombone players receiving instruction.

It is our goal to instruct enough players that one day will be able to teach a studio of fine musicians themselves.  Our focus in on playing with a good sense of sound and intonation, and on teaching the fundamentals of reading standard musical notation.  (This is a new concept for these students, as they are accustomed to playing by ear and by "call and response")

Hopefully every Wednesday for the next several months we will be able to chart the progress of this group, with the hopes that we are doing more than teaching music, we are sharing our hearts and our love for learning.  Look forward to good sounds in the halls of the Durban Community across the ocean in the weeks to come.

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