Monday, June 10, 2013

A New Parade Season

I am pumped about the marching band season- our first parade is about two and half weeks away, and I am hopeful that we will present the most “musical” marches that we have done in a long time. Can we produce that warm symphonic sound which is out there while we march down the street? I say YES! And we are getting closer each week. Perhaps the biggest challenge is not playing our own parts, but listening to all the other parts first, then adding our balanced sound to that mix…  we shall see. 
Most of our street marches this year are John Philip Souza marches, and they are all fantastic. Soaring melodies, intricate harmonies and brassy fanfare sections, but my favorite is The Crusader march. This is  a lesser known march, that has a gorgeous trio section with flute and clarinet playing a very lyric melody. Come and hear it for yourself! The trumpets and low brass add in, but are NOT the feature!(Catch that trumpets??)

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