Friday, July 6, 2012

Patriotism lives!

It's so easy to be convinced that the pride we have in our country is fading, but after walking next to the band in Norwood on the fourth of July, I can tell you that it's clearly alive and well. It seems sometimes people don't know what to do exactly, but here they shouted "play for us",cheered and clapped along when the band played, police saluted the Flag as the Honor Guard walked by, and the children danced, waived, blew their kalamazoos or stared in wide-eyed amazement....

The decision to commit to marching in parades isn't done lightly. It's hard to give up your own Fourth and give strangers a reason to cheer, but this band did it and did themselves proud.

At the end of the last parade this band didn't let down, they played right to their last step. That's the American way.

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