Monday, July 2, 2012

Become Something

I have a story to tell about a red trumpet that has no end...yet.

There is a marching band (click here) that has a dream to share the joy of music done well.  With that dream came the idea of sharing instruments (click here) that have been unused. If they were broken the band would fix it and share it, if it was forgotten somewhere the band would treasure again as a new gift for a child whose dreams had died (or never had a chance to dream to begin with).

There once was a Red Trumpet that was bought for a girl by her dad.  This trumpet had been outgrown by the girl, so the sad red trumpet was marched to the attic. There it lay dusty and forgotten.

One day the dad went to the grocery store in the next town and he saw a group of musicians at the grocery store asking for instruments to give to boys and girls that would otherwise never have the dream of becoming Something. And the dad remembered the Red Trumpet in the attic.

This Red trumpet was given to the musicians who joyfully used it to play for a flash mob (click here) before they brought the trumpet to where it would become Something.

Then it was packed very carefully and shipped on a long boat ride for two months to Durban, South Africa.

When it arrived it was pulled out of the crate that had been its home for the last few months it was lovingly lifted by a excited girl in red herself!

Here is a chance for both the red trumpet and the girl in red to become Something....

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