Friday, May 4, 2012


the definition of the word spirit according to Wikipedia is as follows ;

"The English word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning "breath",
but also "spirit, soul, courage, vigor"...

I see the kids from the Winter Percussion Ensemble transitioning from the thrill of being World Champions in their division....back to school, chores, and everyday life.

I saw spirit in these kids when they headed out to the competition in Dayton, OH -- connection and care for each other that was the true spirit of teamwork.  They made the choice to receive comments as helpful information -- an opportunity and a challenge to do better. Sometimes it’s hard to hear that you are not making the mark, but they all agreed together to stay positive.  And it paid off for them in more than just bringing home the gold.  They had a larger focus beyond themselves, and a constant choice to think of someone else. It takes courage to care for another person. This is the training that they embraced while they prepared for the band's trip to South Africa over two years ago. This is what gives them the ability to come home and bag the trash, or write a term paper, or take that math test they just don’t want to. That’s a special kind of spirit.

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