Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For the Love of their Art

One of the programs that has formed out of Spirit of America and their trip to South Africa is a program named "Resound"(click here for more about that program).  They collect instruments that are no longer used, repair them and clean them up to give to children (anywhere) that need instruments.

The staff at Spirit of America is also willing to commit to training the kids who receive the instruments.
I lingered in the background today of one of these lessons done by Skype between Cape Cod Mass and Durban South Africa.... and had a chance to see what possibilities were brought to the budding instrumentalists.  One of the new trumpet players held his trumpet like Louis Armstrong! The improvement was obvious in the half hour that I was there and it made my heart warm to watch them do their best.  Spirit of America will be sending about a dozen of their staff in September to continue the lessons in person.

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