Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 4 - Batacuda!!

Today was Book Two - Battucada day!!! 
For the battucada section, everyone plays ethnic instruments from Tamborims, Surdos, Repiniques..... It's very cool to be expanding our overall knowledge of percussion and exploring different instruments and techniques. We worked on defining every move and motion of our choreography.Combining those moves with tight ensemble playing makes the show a lot more powerful!
We also practiced playing with capes covering our faces! Wow - that was a challenge!! Not so much the challenge of not being able to see the keys - but missing the body language of those around me is what threw me the most.  I had no idea my connection to my fellow players was so critical.  (I guess it really isn't all about me!?) 
Overall, it was a great, hard working day!

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