Monday, November 19, 2012

An Experience of A Lifetime!

This past Sunday, Spirit hosted the Day of Percussion- what a phenomenal experience! How often is it that you get so many brilliant, famous, and pioneering percussionists in the same room, teaching young people about what makes them passionate?  Not very frequently. This was an extraordinary opportunity and the students that attended were blown away. Percussion is basically about hitting things. It was so interesting how each clinician brought their own unique approach and vision of that concept to what they were playing! We talked a lot about how drumming was the second voice of music, preceded in history only by the human voice.  And how fundamental concepts, like rhythm and story telling, apply to every style of percussion - whether it be African or Brazilian Drumming, Orchestral percussion, Drum set, Front Ensemble or Drum line. The clinicians brought us a fresh outlook on percussion, and inspiration that makes me determined to keep fighting for every note and every new thing I can learn! Special Thanks to Colin McNutt, Thom Hannum, Keith Aleo, Grant Braddock, Eduardo Leandro, and Ian Hale. We are so grateful!

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