Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I remember

I remember the very first time I heard real drums in our neighborhood. The first time that the "grandfather" of the idea that would eventually become Spirit of America had a rehearsal...there were a few older men from the neighborhood banging away on a few drums. We were planning a Birthday parade for someone down the street. 
There were children with little flags and a few goats as well (yes goats were really there).  From the very beginning it was about others and not about how you might look.  The bright joy that bloomed on the face of the Woman whose birthday was irreplaceable. That tradition continues today and is carried on by our Marching Band as well as our Winter Percussion.  The teamwork and sense of being connected can't be replaced by anything else. Funny how I don't remember what I was doing....I just remember her face as she realized it was all for her...you know that sticks with a kid.

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